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Re: To Gen Kayani
By:Muhammad Rafi
Date: Saturday, 18 April 2009, 5:02 am
In Response To: To Gen Kayani (Col Harish Puri)

The letter published in the NEWS appears to have been written with an lterior motive.An Indian Army Officer would neverpraise the Pak. army I received the following comments from a friend of mine...an ex-soldier.
Muhammad Rafi

RAW, like any other Intelligence Agency, have a task to do ...... I would grant them this much at least, let's be fair as professionals.
But was this letter worth publication by a National Newspaper in Pakistan?
I read it in "The News" and was so flabbergasted .... not by its contents ..... but by the mere fact that this non-sense managed a precious space in our newspaper. Leave alone the damage otherwise caused to our pride, get the ad-rates for this much of space and you will know the cost; RAW managed it without spending a penny.
This has in fact been a propaganda item by RAW; successfully got published in Pakistan's proclaimed Number-1 English daily. They have succeeded once again, and the damage is done.
Not only RAW, the infant so-called Modern/Free Media of Pakistan can also afford to malign and humiliate their SIPPAH SALAAR besides instigating him to begin a civil war. What a shame/agony !!!
Jang Group, wittingly or wittingly are playing in the hands of India/RAW; both through the Print & Electronic media owned by them.
While Musharraf must be brought to the book otherwise, we/they should not be going this far; chasing Musharraf, for all that he did, at the cost of our honour.
I do not blame Musharraf, neither RAW nor Americans. We ought to set our own home in order. Jang Group must transform themselves to stop maligning Pakistan Armed Forces immediately. Even Geo is toeing the same line.
As a regular reader of The News, I am ashamed of the paper that I purchase/read daily since its inception.
In Heavens, reading this item in his paper, Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman must have had a feeling of being in Hell.


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