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The universality of the Qur'an by Allama Mashriqi
By:Arnold Yasin
Date: Saturday, 14 March 2009, 12:09 pm

The law of the Quran in the capacity of Divine Message to Mankind is perfectly universal and applicable to all nations. It knows no racial, geographical or religious bounds as it applies to the whole of Human species. How do Human nations rise to power and through what delinquency in their efforts they fall and are wiped out of the face of the earth–this as a matter of fact is the essence of a part of the whole teaching of the Quran. “Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian rather he was a downright acceptor of commands: (hanifan Musliman) (3:67) Shows that the Quran does not accept the theory of Prophets having come down on earth for the purpose of instituting ‘religions’ or sects, nor did they come to divide man. “Human beings are one people” and “for this very purpose, God created them.” (wa li zalika khalaqahum) (11:119) Show that the intention of nature is to make Man develop as One Nation, in fact develop in exactly the same way as millions of other species of lower beings have evolved into higher beings.

“God made the Prophets appear (on earth) as Givers of Good News (of becoming stable and powerful) and deliverers of Bad news (of destruction and national fall): (Mubashirin wa Munzirin) (2:213), but “Human beings, through revolt among themselves cut themselves up into pieces even after this (superb) knowledge came to them (through Prophets).” (3:19) Thus the Quran is radically against Man being split up into sections on religious, racial, geographical or any other basis. “Those who differentiate between the various Prophets and say webelieve in some and disbelieve in others are TRUE INFIDELS.” (4:151) Is the final verdict of the Quran with respect to the attitude of Man towards his fellow-beings. At other places the Quran declares: “We sent our Prophets to every Nation, every colony and every people.” (13:7) etc., and the expression “true infidels” is not used elsewhere in the whole of the Quran.

“We created you out of one father and one mother and made you groups and families in order that you may recognise each other; only they are the most honored (with Us) amongst you who are most mindful (of the law of God).” (49:13) This is the position of Man according to the Quran and that is why the Quran is called “a warning to all the Worlds (Zikrun lil alameen)” (12:104) and the Prophet is styled: “a blessing to all the Worlds” (Rahmat ul lilalameen) (21:107)

Under these premises of the Quran it is absurd to think that the Quran or the Prophet of Islam created a sect of ‘Muhammadans’ like what Jews and Christians are in this world. The Quran was to be a code of law for the whole world in order to guide it to its ultimate destiny, and that destiny was to develop the whole human race as one nation to higher evolution. That is why the Quran said: “I swear by the moon as it gradually gets complete that you human beings are bound to rise from one plane (of creation) to another (tabqan un tabaqin).” (84:19) At another place it said: “What has happened to you human beings that you do not expect (further) aggrandisation and honor in respect to God, while He has already created you from one pattern of creation to another.” (71:14) These utterances which are unequivocal and not liable to different interpretation finally decide that the aim of this last message of God is to direct Mankind to Higher Evolution as One Human Species.

Quran claimed that God sent the last of all the Prophets: “With Huda i.e. Direction and Din il Haq i.e. the Right programme in order that He may make him (the Prophet) overcome all other programmes.” (61:9) The earlier knowers of the Quran took up this ‘programme’ and ‘direction’ and enveloped a greater part of the then known world in a few decades. Whole nations were ‘converted’ to Islam and its march onwards in the first few centuries reads like a fiction. This was because the true spirit of the Direction was imbibed and there was no sectarian prejudice to retard the march of that universal direction. Whole nations could not have been brought to the fold of Islam otherwise. Man is too shrewd to accept coercion, and that is why a greater part of the human race agreed to join the common flow. The Quran proclaimed: “There is no coercion in the Right Programme, (because) verily the the right has come out clear from the wrong.” (2:256) Thus the absolute manifestation of Truth paved the way for total domination of that right programme, at any rate as long as the Mussulmans (Muslims) understood it.

Mankind to develop as One Nation by Allama Mashriqi