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By:Navid Masud, UK
Date: Friday, 13 March 2009, 11:27 am

Free, clean, continuous, inexhaustible energy: why are they hiding it?!

Watch the demo:



The way the system is set up we either have to let the crash go through or expand the war. No sooner the war stops the crash returns. The crash is no ordinary crash it brings all the empire of debt down to ground zero and system has to be re-booted. Crash means no national health, no social security and no means of defense in the manner we currently understand it.

I posted the following link last night which you may find it interesting:

The word Apocalypse according to Wikipedia means "lifting of the veil" is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from majority of humankind. Today the term is used to represent the end of the world which again really means that religion is trying to scare us into believing Armageddon superstition. If it all it ever-happens it would have been willed into existence by religious fools

If Mayan Prophecy is viewed in context of "lifting of the veil" they may well be correct. As we are again back in the days of Galileo and this time round the financier interests are blocking the advancement of "Free Energy From The Vacuum". Sounds far fetched --listen to the link from sky news Australia :


If this is not proof enough please listen to Thomas Beardon of http://cheniere.org how the science of Electrical Engineering has been hijacked and subverted for the past 100 years or more:

There has been a very deliberate suppression of overunity systems (i.e., COP>1.0, using excess free energy taken from the vacuum) since 1892, when J. P. Morgan elicited Lorentz to modify (cripple) the Heaviside equations, which were to be used in setting up the model for what was to be a new subject and technology, electrical engineering, which was then to be taught in all the universities.

Lorentz "borrowed" some previous work by Lorenz (without the "t") and used it to deliberately symmetrize the Heaviside equations so the new EE technology being set up to be taught in the universities would not ever contain free energy and overunity COP systems.

In short, the High Cabal had electrical engineering itself deliberately mutilated and crippled just prior to its very birth. Hence all our EEs have been taught to think, plan, design, develop, and deploy only self-symmetrizing EM system -- so that electrical power systems will always be requiring us to consume fuel etc.

So we do not even teach or apply Heaviside's original vastly reduced subset of Maxwell's theory, much less Maxwell's original theory! Instead, we teach and apply the deliberately mutilated and crippled Heaviside-Lorentz model which produces only self-symmetrizing EM systems self-enforcing COP