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Sir there should be Audio/Video CDs of yours
By:Shahzad Shameem
Date: Sunday, 8 March 2009, 9:51 am

Respected Sir, Salam 'O' Alaikum! First of all thanks for your kind reply. Sir I have an idea, don't know you worked on it or not. If not yet then please consider about this.

Request is that You should record all your Audio and Video lectures in English and Urdu languages as the Allama Parwaiz did (Urdu language only), the marvellous work in research of ISLAM, Quraan, Islamic History and Pakistan. His audio/video lectures are becoming the source of awareness in the young generation although, with very slow speed.

His all recorded audio/video work is in Urdu, so if you do in English language atleast, that will be going a further Great favour to Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

Actually the mullah sahiban made his reputation so bad that ordinary person is not even daring to call his name in his/her own society.

So there should be others to come out to take the charge like you. Specially it should be from you as your are the one seems only who did a lot already and can do a lot than before you did, in English audio/video lectures and if possible then the whole Quraan Majeed should also be too recorded as well in audio/vedio shape by you the Respected Sir.

Then your Daroos should be made available on CDs. I made few CDs about the literature of Allama Parwaiz, one CD contains all his audio Daroos, the other one having all his books in one CD, bookwize, the 3rd one CD I made full of all his written literature from his all books, pamphlets’ and Muqalaats compiled alphabetically. So any topic could be taken or find out in seconds from his whole written literature around 40 books and 20 pamphlets. Beside this I compiled his work on under some different topics (taken his literature from all his books and pamphlets. Topics such as Insaan, Science and Quraan, Lady-Woman, ALLAH, Anbiya, Allama Iqbal, Quid-e-Azam, Pakistan, Talaaq, Rizq/Routi, Quraan ka Muashi Nizam, Nizam-e-Rabubiyat and so on...

Your audio/video Daroos can make a big big change, beside this some talk shows on T.V can bring splendid, marvelous results and will boost the awareness like a lightening speed among the Ummah.

Shahzad Shameem
trying to ba a STUDENT