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A Civil War Looming
By:Arun K
Date: Saturday, 28 February 2009, 3:26 pm


It is crucial that you all see this article below. Will save you and also prepare you for shape of things to come. I have been posting on the private, and a very criminal Federal Reserve, in the US. This article, THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY, exposes their crimes.

Far more important is this: Indian politicians and bureaucrats [and scientists] keep shouting that they are the most intelligent. Let us accept that fact. How is it then that it never occurred to even one of these that India as a sovereign country is dealing with a bunch of criminals who print private dollar currency?

The RBI is a Government owned organization. It is the only institution mandated to print or withdraw currency. Then, how did the RBI, with brilliant staffers even could deal with this criminal corporation called the Fed Res? Think over it.

All over the world, every national reserve bank is under total control of the Fed Res.

As a sovereign nation, we dealt with them; we also keep our reserve foreign exchange in dollars. Always did, knowing fully well that dollar was a private currency NOT ISSUED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

You see how criminal and complicit are our economists? Do you see how slavishly they prodded us onward to total enslavement by a bunch of criminals who should be cooling their heals behind bars? That is why I say, we need intelligent people, not economists.

Just wait and see how the big apple crumbles under a people's war, a civil war that would overshadow anything we have seen. And this should also be a warning to the Indian employees of the UN system and all those US based foundations. When the time comes, the people of India shall hang them from the nearest tree. These folks think that by working with tax free foundations and the UN system they are superior. They are not. They are part of the global agenda of enslavement. They are mere cog in the wheel run by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. I shall reveal more, in the fitness of time. For the time being just note that these are dogs of an illegitimate wars imposed on peaceful peoples around the world. When the US society crumbles, it will expose their illegitimacy.
And then the people shall hang them.

It is still time for them to resign and leave the UN system and all the US based foundations. Just as it's time for the US armed forces to leave and serve the people of the United States. In their own country; within their borders.

Arun K