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The "Fitna" Movie - 25 M Video
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Friday, 20 February 2009, 4:27 am


Please find below the web link for the infamous Dutch film Fitna, produced by the Dutch MP Geert Wilder, a man renowned for his anti Islamic views and comments. Wilder wants to ban the Quran from Holland and warns everyone to be aware of the danger of Islam, calling everyone to stop the spread of Islam.


Please type the link on the web bar and it will take you to the film. Alternatively, you can google the word Fitna and you will find the link. I think eveyone should watch the film. However, I urge everyone not feel offended by it. After all, it has been produced by a self declared atheist who is one of the foremost critics of Islam. So, it is expected that he will do something like that. We don't expect an apple tree to produce mango. So, why would it be a surprise that a known critic of Islam will produce a film condemning Islam and the Quran.

Personally, I think some Muslim groups have given ammunition to people like Wilder to attack Islam in this manner. The likes of Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and other groups around the world who reign terror and undertake violence in the name of Islam has given rise to Islamophobia. Also the vast majority of Muslim's views towards non Muslims and host of other issues that the western world holds so dear such as freedom of speech, rights of homosexuals, right to have no faith etc. does not go down very well within the western world.

We need to look at how to build bridges with the wider world rather than doing and saying things that alienates them. Quran says to spread the message of Islam with wisdom and nice words. Are we doing that ? I don't think so. In my expereince, we are actually doing the opposite. We attack anyone who cricises us with harsh words and sometimes threats. The Danish cartoon resulted in some Muslims calling for his murder and beheading on the streets of London and around the world. Is this what Islam teaches ? Not really.

During the time of the Prophet (SAW), more harsh words and disgusting things were said about him. Did he send a death squad to silence those people ? History tells us how he dealt with them with patience in a peaceful and non violent manner. Islam promotes peace and harmony. Prophet (SAW) taught us to love our enemy and we hate our friends.

The reality is, our actions are palying into the hands of those who manipulates them and uses them to attack Islam and Muslims. Muslims need to grow up and realise what the true message of Islam is. It is of humanity, love, tolerance, peace and harmony - not the violence, intolerance and hatred we see in the Muslim world and amongst some of the Muslims living in the western world towards westerners and the western way of life.

As much as we oppose those values and life style, there are ways to address them. The way to change someone's view and lifestyle is not by attacking their current lifestyle and views but by winning their hearts and minds and by using wisdom and nice words, just as the Quran suggested.

Muslims need to stop being a group of reactionary, which is what we have become, and show far more tolerance in the face of great provocation, practice the teaching of sabr and spread the peaceful message of Islam. We need to interact with those who are either not Muslim or do not have proper practice of Islam to help them see the light of truth.

Our problem is, we don't mix with non Muslims, don't interact with them and don't try to know them. The reality is, we only mix with people of similar thoughts and lifestyle as ours and therefore, becoming segregated and alienated. Unless we interact with a much wider group of people with different views and lifestyle, we will not be able to become a 'well rounded' person in our thoughts and life style.

May Allah help us all to understand the true nature of Islam and the demands Islam places on us as Muslims and help us become more patient, tolerant, loving, caring and humane in our nature and way of thinking as well as our life style, Ameen.

Cheshire, England