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Islam for Human Development
By:Shah alam
Date: Saturday, 14 February 2009, 4:23 am

Pakistan society today has emerged as irrational bunch of Muslim people. They are suffering from social misery and a decline in civil life, deriving from their lack of knowledge, sectarianism, extremism, theological differences and all forms of falsehood. Their day to day life is filled with anxiety, hatred, and confrontation within themselves that are nothing but the consequences of their own shortcomings.

The society has failed to create a moral, social, cultural system upon which to flourish human welfare. They naturally lack their ability to create human good. Human good is a result of activity of our soul in accordance with virtue. If there is more than one virtue, then in accordance with the best and most complete.

The question therefore is how do we direct and make use of Quran and Hadith knowledge in creating an enlightened society in Pakistan? How do we exploit Islamic knowledge in creating compassion action within this society? In other words how can we use Islam for human development, instead of sectarian development?